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Space Wallpaper

Have you ever looked up at the sky at night and wondered what lies beyond the few twinkling stars you can see? Space travel may still lie in the distant future for the average person, but it doesn’t mean you can’t bring the beauty of the cosmos into your own home. Our space wallpaper murals allow you to do just that to create a room that is out of this world.

Whether it adorns a wall in your living room or bedroom, the soothing colours of the stars, moons, planets and galaxies will be enough to relax anyone and bring out their inner explorer. Look closely, and you might even spot a meteor or shooting star! All tastes and styles are catered for; you can choose from the swirling multicoloured nebulas with our galaxy wall murals or be blown away by the breathtaking views of Earth from thousands of miles away. You might adorn the walls of your master bedroom, living room or even your child’s bedroom if they fancy themselves an astronaut in training.

Each of our space wall murals can be created to suit your exact specifications, and if you can’t find an image that you love, you can search from thousands more in our database or upload your own, to create something truly unique. Space isn’t as far away as you may think, and with the help of our space wallpaper, you can boldly take your walls where no walls have gone before!

39 of 50 murals

39 of 50 murals