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Should I give my exact dimensions (measuring)?

As each mural is custom made to each customer's unique wall dimensions, ensuring accurate wall measurements for your wall(s) is crucial. Adding any additional excess to the excess we print will mean cutting further into the designs during installation, which, of course, with some designs can have a large impact. We have created an easy step by step guide for measuring your wall accurately - Measurement & Installation. We recommend that you give the exact dimensions of your wall, measured at the widest and highest part of the wall. We suggest measuring your wall at a variety of points to ensure you find the widest and highest points. You can add a little excess to your measurements if you would like some extra to allow for any other wall discrepancies.  Note, when printing, we add an extra 1-2% to your sizes, to account for any margin of error or slightly uneven walls that you may not have accounted for. 

Can I order from overseas?

Yes, all of our products can be shipped worldwide.For international shipping information including timescales and cost, view our shipping information here. Please note, international shipments may be subject to import taxes and customs duties that are levied by the destination country. Fees vary depending on your local administration and you should contact your local customs office for further information.

Can I order specific samples?

We can send up to three samples, free of charge. Once you sample request has been placed, we will send them into print and they will arrive in 3-5 days. You can order your samples here.

Can I change the colours of a mural?

Most of our murals are customisable and for all small changes, such as colour or placement we offer this service free of charge.  You can request these changes after submitting your order request, or by contacting us via our contact form with your request.  Our in house Client Design will then be in touch with a proof image for you to approve prior to purchase.  

Which paper is right for me?

We have three different wallpaper types that we print our wallpapers on. All our papers are of a very high quality, Information on each paper is as follows:  Deluxe - Heavy Weight Paper - 300gsmOur heavyweight paper is the extremely hard wearing and top quality 300gsm paper backed vinyl. This paper is a high-grade wallpaper suitable for homes, commercial premises, and retail and leisure outlets where durability and extremely high print quality is desired. Paper Features:- 300gsm Heavy Weight- Paper Backed Vinyl- Wipe Clean and Water Resistant Surface- Fine Art Textured Surface- Extremely Durable and Resistant to Damage- Superb Colour Definition and Vibrance- Suitable for Commercial and Retail Premises, Public Places and Homes including Kitchens and Bathrooms Classic - Medium Weight Paper - 285gsmOur medium weight paper is slightly thicker than you would expect from a standard wallpaper used in homes, making it a great long term choice for homes. This paper is a quality product suitable for both homes and public places where the likelihood of damage isn't huge. Paper Features:- 285gsm Medium Weight- Wipe Clean Surface- Very Good Colour Definition and Vibrance- Slightly Textured Surface- Very Durable and Resistant to Damage- Suitable for Homes, Public Places, Retail and Commercial PremisesLight Weight Paper - 140gsmOur lightweight paper is our economy option. Even though it is our lightest paper, the quality will not be compromised. The paper itself is slightly thinner than normal wallpaper you will find in shops, which makes it suitable for homes, lower budgets and medium term solutions. Paper Features:- 140gsm Paper Weight- Good Colour Definition and Vibrance- Wipe Clean Surface- Smooth Satin Surface- Resistant to Light Damage- Suitable in Homes and for Medium Term Applications

What is your minimum order value?

Our minimum order value is £70. Any orders which fall below this cost will automatically be rounded up to this amount.

Can I order a sample pack?

Yes, we can send a sample pack to you free of charge. This pack will feature a range of our most popular designs on different paper grades and will allow you to feel the difference. You can order samples here.

Do you offer trade discounts?

If you’re interested in discussing trade account options, please call or email in with an enquiry and one of our Account Executives will be  in touch shortly.

Are the murals suitable for use in bathrooms?

If you are looking to hang your mural in your bathroom, we would suggest using our heavy paper. This option is the most durable and our most water resistant paper type. We do suggest not having your mural in a location where it will be exposed directly to liquids. If you are planning on installing our products where they may be consistently exposed to water, we would recommend applying a form of protective wear layer on top of the paper, such as a decorator's varnish or glass, to give the paper and ink an extra layer of protection.  

My mural has arrived damaged, what should I do?

We pack each of our murals in very secure 1.2m long cardboard tubes and, in addition, each of our murals are printed with a white border. This is included for a variety of benefits, one being to give added protection in transit. (Note the white border is cut away during installation) If your mural were to arrive damaged, however, we ask that you please accept and sign for the shipment. This allows us to deal with the issue much quicker than having the courier return the shipment to us. We ask that you please send photos of any damage to the packaging and product to [email protected] for one of our team to assess for you. We do our utmost to ensure your mural arrives in perfect condition, however, in the event, your mural does arrive damaged, we can have your mural reprinted and sent back out to you as soon as possible.

I’m unhappy with my mural, what should I do?

All of our murals undergo a thorough quality check before dispatch, so in the unlikely event that your mural does not meet your expectations or has experienced any damage in transit, we can resolve this for you. We will ask for photographs of the problem to allow our Customer Service team to assess your query. You can send these to [email protected] Once you have outlined the issue and supplied any supporting photographic evidence and one of our team has assessed your issue, we will respond with our next steps. If a clear issue has occurred with your mural we will be more than happy to either replace or refund your mural*. We will aim to resolve the issue for you as quickly as possible.   *As each mural is custom made to your dimensions and requirements, we cannot accept a return unless there is actually a fault with the product.

How do I remove my mural?

Our murals have a significant life cycle and their fantastic quality ensures that they'll hold their colour for a number of years. If you decide to remove your mural, it can be removed the same as other wallpapers, by steaming or scraping the strips. Once the strips have been removed, the paste can be washed away from the wall.

How do I install my mural?

Once you've paid for you mural you'll receive a confirmation email which also includes a link to our multi-lingual hanging guide. We'll also provide a paper copy with your mural.  View our installation guide here. You can also view our installation video below: View our installation video here If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to call or email our customer service team who'll be more than happy to help.  Email: [email protected] Phone: 0151 708 5400

How will my wallpaper arrive?

Your wallpaper will arrive on a roll that is sectioned off into vertical drops that fit your wall height. These drops are simply matched up next to each other on the wall to create the full finished mural. Your mural will also have a white border that can be cut away during installation. Your mural should be unrolled to checked for any damages or defects prior to installation.

Are murals suitable for use in a commercial environment?

 If your mural will be used in a high traffic area, we would recommend using our heavy paper. This option will give the greatest resistance to damage and is extremely hardwearing. You can view more about our paper types here.

How can I protect my mural from damage?

If your mural is going to be exposed to water or liquids, we recommend that you use a decorator’s varnish for added protection. This can be bought from a DIY store, or directly through us.

What kind of paste should I use?

A standard ready mix wallpaper adhesive should be used. This is available in all DIY stores, or can be purchased directly from us. We recommend using Tekfix.

I won't be home to accept my order, can I have it delivered to a different address?

If you inform us of your alternative address upon payment, we can arrange to have this sent to a different address, yes.

Will I need to sign for my delivery?

Yes, your mural will be delivered via a courier, meaning they will need your signature. We use DHL and FedEx as our two trusted couriers and on dispatch, you will receive an email with regards to the delivery and tracking information.  If your order is being delivered by DHL you will receive an 'On Demand' email which means you can make changes to your order such as date of delivery, address and safe location.

Can I pay in installments?

This is not something we currently offer, unfortunately. We require a payment to be made before your mural is printed. You can view more information about our payment methods here.  

Can I colour match to a sample?

If you'd like to request a sample before you purchase your mural, we offer two sample options. Standard Sample Pack: Free If you'd just like to see our paper quality, we can send you a standard sample pack, simply request one here. This contains our medium and heavy weight papers. Custom Sample Pack: Free If you would like to request samples of a particular design, we can offer customers up to three free custom samples. You can request your samples by contacting our customer service team here.  Although samples can give a good indication of colour, we do not recommend colour matching to a sample. Due to slight variance between print batches, we always recommend colour matching to your final received mural for a perfect match. To avoid this issue you can request your wallpaper advisor to arrange a sample to be printed at the same time as your mural so that you have something to take into paint shops, furniture shops etc. This will be the closest match in colour to your mural.  

Can I use my own image?

We can create custom murals using a provided image. However, In order to do so, your image must be large.  In order to print large wallpaper murals, we need large hi resolution images, ideally full size at a minimum of 100dpi. The best thing to do is email your image to us at [email protected] and also provide your wall size, we can tell you straight away whether your image is suitable or not. We will send you a scale proof image and an image at print quality showing you a small section of your image for your approval.  *Photos taken from standard smart phone camera will most likely not meet these requirements.   

Can I customise my mural?

Not only do we offer thousands of unique murals, we can also off a custom design option. Our murals are priced depending on the size of your order and the quality of paper you desire. We can make custom changes to most of our designs. This includes changes to colour, image orientation and adding additional images or words to the design. If you have an idea and are not sure what is possible, please feel free to contact our customer service team and they will advise you. We can also use images that you provide* and we even offer a custom design creation service. ** You can contact us via our bespoke design form which you can find by clicking Custom Murals at the top of the page and scrolling down to the bottom.   We request that you include the following: Wall width and height, preferred paper type and a brief description of your custom mural request. One of our Customer Service team will then be in touch with a quote and they will request some more detailed information.  *These must be hi-res images **For a custom design that requires a large amount of design work, we do charge a custom design fee. 

I have more than one wall, how should I measure?

  Connecting Walls (Same Design) If you would like your mural to cover connecting walls, simply measure the width and height of each wall individually and add the width dimensions together. If you order with these sizes then we will then produce your order as one large mural. Please make sure you take the longest height measurement from the two walls. Alternatively, you can use our contact form and send us each walls dimension in the following format. Wall 1: Width: Height: Units. Paper Type (if known): Please specifiy the order the walls are in i.e. walls left to right are wall 1, wall 2. We will then decide if they should be combined as one mural or created as separate murals that are designed to match.  Separate Walls (Different designs) Our website currently only allows you to purchase one mural at any one time. If you would like to purchase multiple murals. Simply head to our contact form and provide the murals you would like in the following format.  Design: Width: Height: Units: Paper Type: One of our customer service team will then create your order and respond to your email with a payment link, invoice and image proofs for your approval. 

How can I pay for my mural?

Once you have submitted an order request, you can submit payments at the following points. Pre Pay Directly following your order request, you can decide to either wait to receive your image proof or make payment. If you choose to make payment at this point, you'll be directed to your payment page. Here you can review your order and make payment via Credit/Debit card or via Paypal. Our design team will then be in touch with your scale proof image for you to either approve or request changes prior to printing.  Waiting for your Scale Proof Mural Image Now that you've submitted your order request, our Client Design team will work their magic, creating your unique mural to your wall dimensions. They'll send an email containing your payment link, your scale proof image and an invoice with alternate payment options (Bank Transfer).   *Note until this point this is simply an order request and you will only be charged once you've made payment. We accept:  

What units should I measure in?

On our order form, you can enter your dimensions in either centimetres or in feet and inches. For advice on measuring, check out our measuring guide here. 

Do you print any excess or allow for trimming?

Yes, in order to allow for any wall discrepancies that may not have been accounted for we print 1-2% excess. This can simply be trimmed away during installation. We do suggest double checking your measurements and checking at various points across the wall to ensure accurate dimensions. 

How will I know what my mural looks like before ordering?

When you send an order enquiry to us, we will come back to you within 24 hours with an email including a scaled proof image showing how your wallpaper mural will look. If you require any changes making at this point, simply reply to this email requesting any changes that you require. If you're happy with how this looks and don't require any changes, payment can be made via the direct payment link in your email or via the attached invoice.     

Will I have to pay any customs fees or duties?

Customs fees and duties are not something we have any control over as the manufacturer and retailer; they are set by the local authorities in each respective country and are normally determined by the value of the goods amongst other factors. As the importer of the goods, it is each customers' responsibility to check if any customs fees or duties are payable and if so, we cannot accept any liability for this.

Will my image look just like the one shown on site?

As everything that we create is made to each customers dimensions, each mural is unique. You will be sent a digital proof image showing you how your mural will look once installed. This image showed be used rather than referring to the design image on site as the digital proof is a scale version of your wall dimensions.  Please keep in mind that wall sizes will dictate how your version of the mural will look. For some murals, a repeat may be needed, while for others the design may be stretched to fit your dimensions. If your wall sizes are particularly large you may want to request an image showing a small section of your mural at print quality (suggested for photo-based murals). It is important to keep in mind that the larger an image is increased the level of pixelation is likely to increase.  For further questions, feel free to contact our team at [email protected]

Where can I read customer reviews?

We have a 5-star Trustpilot rating. You can view our customer reviews on our Trustpilot review page. See our reviews

Are murals suitable for outdoor use?

Are murals suitable for outdoor use?   No, we do not recommend that you install a mural outdoors as it will likely be damaged by weather conditions.  

My mural is peeling at the edges, what can I do?

While this is very rare, peeling occurs due to an issue with installation.  Please refer to our hanging guide and ensure that each step has been followed correctly.     This can be for several reasons: 1) Too little paste is used 2) Too much paste is used 3) The wrong type of paste is used 4) The paste has been allowed to dry too quickly as a result of a warm room   To rectify this you could try one or more of the following options: 1) A stronger pre-mixed adhesive 2) A border/overlap adhesive 3) VOV adhesive You can also contact one of our Customer Service Team at [email protected] if you require further information. 

My wallpaper doesn’t line up, what should I do?

As our printers produce images as a single file, it is almost impossible for the strips not to match up. If your mural does not line up, there may have been an error during the installation process. We will ask for photographs to assess this better under these circumstances. To ensure your wallpaper lines up correctly, a plumbline or spirit level should be used to hang the first strip. For more information on installation, you can view our installation guide here.  

My wallpaper isn’t sticking, what should I do?

If your mural is not sticking, you should firstly ensure that a strong, pre-mixed paste was used (as opposed to powdered adhesive, which does not form a strong enough bond). We would also advise a VOV (vinyl on vinyl) border adhesive. This is a stronger tack adhesive that should stick down the edges with no problem. This can be purchased from most DIY stores.

Do you supply paste?

Yes, you can purchase paste directly from us, which will arrive alongside your order. 

Can I choose a specific delivery date?

As we aim to have murals delivered within 3-5 working days, this is not normally something we offer. However, we can arrange a specific delivery date which falls outside the five working day period.

Where is my order?

We will keep you informed during the production process and inform you in the unlikely event that there are delays. Once your order leaves us, you can track its progress by following the tracking information you will be sent by email. If you would like an update on the progress of your order at any stage, please get in touch and a member of the team will be happy to help.

Are murals suitable for use in a children’s bedroom?

For areas which may be subject to a higher level of impact, we would normally recommend a heavier paper grade, as they tend to be more hard wearing. Our medium or heavy grade papers are very well suited for use in children’s bedrooms. You can view more about our paper types here. Both, our medium and heavy weight papers can take some light cleaning with a lightly dampened cloth and a non-soapy detergent. If you expect to be cleaning this more regularly, it may be worth considering the heavy weight option.

What happens if I have issues during installation?

In the event, you are experiencing any difficulties with installation, you can contact one of our customer service team who will try and talk you through the process. It is likely that they will require photo's of the issue to better advise you. You can send any photos and a brief explanation of the issue to [email protected] Please note that we ask that all murals are checked prior to installation and/or booking any installers to ensure there are no issues with your mural. Once installation begins, we cannot accept liability for any issues that occur as a result. As this is a bespoke product made to your dimensions, we cannot, under any circumstances, be held accountable for any third party fees in the event of installation issues.  If you have experience and are confident in installing normal 'on the roll' wallpaper, with the help of our hanging guide and video tutorial you should have no problems installing one of our murals. We would suggest that all customers and/or installers take a look at this prior to installation and contact us should you have any further questions. If this is your first time, it may be best to contact an experienced decorator to install you mural and sharing our instructions with them. When hiring a decorator, consider asking them if they have previous experience hanging murals and if they have previous experience with an overlap and splice technique.

I changed my mind, can I return my mural and receive a refund?

Our murals are all made to each customer's unique wall dimensions and as such, we can't accept any refunds once a mural has been purchased.  Our design team will send you a scale proof image prior to payment, at this point you can make as many changes as you like. Once you have confirmed you're happy and payment has been made, you can't make any alterations to your mural.  We suggest double checking your wall dimensions prior to placing your order.  Please refer to our delivery and returns page for more information on our returns policy.  

Can I remove and rehang my wallpaper?

  During the hanging process, there is a relatively short window between paste application and drying. Once you have installled your mural and your paste has dried, we advise against trying to remove or rehang specific panels as in all likelihood you will cause significant damage to your mural during this process.  To avoid this, we suggest checking each panel prior to install, pattern matching and checking your overlap. Please refer to our comprehensive hanging guide here for more advice.    If you are specifically looking for a paper that can be removed and rehung, we do offer a self-adhesive paper type. If you would like more information on this please contact a member of our customer service team.    

Can I make a payment before receiving my proof image?

  You can pay straight after submitting an order, if this is preferable. Once you have made payment, our team will be in touch with your scale proof image. If you are happy to proceed, we will just need confirmation and we can send your mural into production.

How can I ensure that the panels match?

Ensure that the first panel is hung straight, this is vital for successful installation of your mural. Use a plumb line or spirit level to mark a panels width on the wall, this will give you a guide when hanging the first panel and ensure it’s hung straight.

Should I book a decorator prior to receiving my mural?

As all of our murals are custom made and printed once an order has been paid for. We recommend that all customers wait until they receive their mural prior to booking a decorator. Once your mural arrives, please check your mural prior to installation to ensure that everything has arrived as ordered.  *Under no circumstances can we be held responsible or compensate for any third party costs.

I need my order quickly, what can I do?

I need my order quickly, what can I do?   If your order is being shipped to the UK, you can choose our express delivery service which costs £29.99. Your wallpaper will be printed and dispatched to you in 1-2 working days.

How is my mural packaged?

Your mural will be rolled inside a secure tube. On this roll will contain your wallpaper strips which will all be surrounded by a white border to protect the print from damage during transit. This border can simply be trimmed away during installation.  

How long will my order take to arrive?

Our UK service takes 3-5 working days. For orders being shipped outside the UK, we advise that this can take around 4-7 working days. For more information about our shipping times, please click here.

Can I change my order after payment?

Once you have received a confirmation email, no further changes can be made to your order, as printing takes place almost immediately afterwards.

What happens after I pay?

Pre Paid Directly following your order request, you can decide to either wait to receive your image proof or make payment. If you choose to make payment at this point, you'll be directed to your payment page. Here you can review your order and make payment via Credit/Debit card or via Paypal. Our design team will then be in touch with your scale proof image for you to either approve or request changes prior to printing.  Payment after Proof received If you have received your proof and made payment, we will accept this as proof approval and after this point, your mural will be sent into production and no further alterations can be made. UK orders: Delivery will take place within 3-5 working days of payment. International Orders: Delivery will take place within 3-5 working days of payment. You'll also receive a payment email with our hanging guide attached.   

My payment failed, what happened?

In the event that your payment fails, you will receive an email from us outlining the reason why. If you're an international customer you may just have to notify your bank that you'll be making an international payment.  You can also call us on 0151 708 5400 and speak to one of our Customer Service team to make the payment over the phone.   

I made a mistake measuring my wall (wrong sizes), what can I do?

If your wallpaper does not fit your wall, we may be able to amend this for you by creating the required additional piece. Please be aware that there may be colour variation between prints. We advise that customer double check their sizes prior to making payment. Once a mural has been paid for and your image proof approved, we can't accept any further changes.  Please refer to our measurement & installation guide for more information on how to measure your wall or measuring unusually shaped walls.  If you believe that you have received your mural in the incorrect sizes due to a printing error, please contact us with all relevant measurements and images and one of customer service team will be able to resolve this for you. 

How do I place an order?

To order your mural through our website, follow these simple steps below: 1. Choose the mural design you would like to order from (For custom design please contact us on our bespoke design form and see question Can I customise my mural?) 2. You will be taken to an order form where you can enter your wall dimensions and choose your preferred wallpaper type along with your details. At this point you will also receive a quote for each paper type you select.  3. You can then request a proof image. You can choose to 'Pay Now' or wait until you've received your proof image.  3. A member of the team will create a scale proof image to show you how your mural will look. They will also provide a unique payment link and invoice with alternate payment options. At this point we can also make any design changes you would like. Simply respond to this email with your requested changes.  4. Once you are happy with your order, you can proceed to make payment via our payment options on your invoice. (If you have prepaid, simply approve your proof and production will begin) 5. When payment has been made, your order will be moved into production and should be with you in 3-5 working days for UK orders and 4-7 working days for international orders. 

What makes Murals Wallpaper different?

As one of the UK’s leading suppliers, we’re passionate about beautiful wallpaper and believe that our high-quality wall murals are the best way to bring together stunning imagery and design in creative interior spaces. We are very design focussed and are constantly looking for new ideas and trends. We have even been known to lead the way.  Our process is designed to give you complete control - since all of our designs can be customised, we can accommodate almost any request in order to create your perfect mural. We offer a human touch throughout the process, realising that simply cropping an image may not always be the best solution, as offered by many of our competitors. Instead, we allow for one of our specialist designers to make an assessment and create the image for you.

How can I speak to a customer service member?

If you can't find your answer in one of our Help & Advice articles. You can reach us via our contact request form.  Our offices hours are Mon-Fri, 9-5pm GMT.     

How wide is each strip/roll?

Our wallpaper is supplied in multiple strips (drops) on a roll, each up to 1.2 metres wide and to mural’s height. Please note that each mural will have an extra bleed area (white border) that is designed to protect the edges of your mural during transportation, and which needs to be trimmed off during installation. Each drop is numbered so you know exactly how the mural fits together, and the order in which to hang your mural. Simply start from one side of the wall and continue to hang each drop of wallpaper, matching the design as you move along the wall until the mural is complete. We also print your wallpaper 1-2% larger than the dimensions you give us to allow for adequate excess paper for trimming. For a full and more detailed hanging guide please view our how to install page.

How does the order process work?

Each mural is made to your dimensions, meaning you can customise this in any way you like. Once you’ve submitted your order via our order page. Your order will be passed to one of our wallpaper experts, who will send a proof image to you via email. This image will show you how your mural will look scaled to your dimensions. If you would like any design changes making, we are more than happy to accommodate your requests.  You will also be sent an invoice which contains a breakdown of costs and payment information.

Can I get an invoice receipt?

If you would like an invoice payment receipt, simply email us at [email protected] with your order number. A member of our Customer Service Team will send you a receipt of purchase and full invoice.

Will I receive payment confirmation?

Yes, you will receive an email once your payment has been received to confirm your payment.  Pre Pay if you decided to pay for your order right away, you'll receive payment confirmation that explains that our design team will be in touch shortly with your mural proof image for your approval before printing can begin.  Payment after Proof received If you have received your proof and made payment, we will accept this as proof approval and after this point, your mural will be sent into production and no further alterations can be made.

My image is too large to attach to an email, how should I send this to you?

If you would like us to use one of your own images, simply visit and enter our email address ([email protected]) WeTransfer will then send both emails entered a download link. We would request that you also forward this download link onto us to ensure we receive this. Once received, we can then test your image at your requested sizes to see if this would be suitable. 

Is there an extra fee for design work?

For basic designs and alterations, we offer this service free of charge and our Client Design will send you a scale proof image of your requested changes prior to purchase.   If your mural requires more complex design work, we may charge an additional design fee. This will be explained by our Customer Service team at your request. 

Are the colours seen on screen accurate?

The colours shown on screen are an accurate representation of the final printed product. There can be some variation between computer monitors which is worth bearing in mind due to individual brightness and colour intensity settings, however, this is usually very minimal. If you have any specific concerns about colour matching, we can provide a printed sample for you before you make the final order to give you a more accurate idea of colour. Please note we would actually suggest colour matching paints etc. where possible once you have received the final product. *All of our papers offer a matte finish. You can request a sample by a custom sample by contacting our customer service team here. 

Do your prices include VAT?

The prices shown on our website are inclusive of VAT. For our .com site, customers ordering on website, note that 20% VAT will be added after your initial quote. 

How much is a custom print?

Not only do we offer thousands of unique murals, we can also off a custom design option. Our murals are priced depending on the size of your order and the quality of paper you desire. We can make custom changes to most of our designs, we can also use images that you provide* and we even offer a custom design creation service. ** You can contact us via our bespoke design form and we request that you include. Wall width and height, preferred paper type and a brief description of your custom mural request. One of our Customer Service team will then be in touch with a quote and they will request some more detailed information.  *These must be hi-res images **For a custom design that requires a large amount of design work, we do charge a custom design fee. 

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