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5 Shibori wallpapers to create a Japanese inspired space

Taking inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of Shibori; a technique that involves the folding, twisting and dyeing of cloth; this collection of wonderfully serene and calming Japanese inspired wallpapers have been thoughtfully and carefully composed. Each Shibori wallpaper design reflects this fascinating artistry and adds intriguing patterns to your interior theme.


Osaka Shibori Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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Kochi Shibori Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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Japanese culture is often commended for weaving health and happiness within everyday life. Many live by the phenomenon of ‘Neurogenesis’ – a scientific study that believes our brains continue to change, grow and adapt, and we should, therefore, surround ourselves with positive things to encourage and inspire it. The Shibori Wallpaper Collection injects a real sense of style and spirituality to your interiors and is perfect for creating a sanctuary within your own home. Incorporated as a feature piece, the intricate details of the designs can completely elevate your living area, releasing an aura of serenity.

Kyoto Shibori Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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Seto Shibori Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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By simply hanging one of the Japanese style wallpapers as a beautiful piece of art on your wall, you create a peaceful place for you to retreat to at the end of the day, and with little effort, add positive value to your life. Shibori designs are perfect for enhancing minimalist spaces that require less styling. The products are subtle yet statement, and are perfect for taking centre-stage in a room. 

Yokohama Shibori Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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Japanese bedroom wallpaper instantly creates a retreat in your home, with the cool blue shades and intricate designs relaxing the mind and helping you to truly switch off. We have styled the designs with simple, staple pieces of furniture, that enhance the beauty of the wallpaper’s simplicity in style and tone.