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6 gender neutral wallpaper ideas for a kids nursery

Whether you’re an advocate of ditching the classic ‘blue for boys’ and ‘pink for girls’ rule, or are simply looking for versatile designs in suspense of them being born, a neutral nursery wallpaper is a great option. Each of the designs within this collection will help you style an adorable gender neutral nursery, fit for your very special arrival.

Kids Jungle Animal Friends Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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Sage Children’s Map Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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Neutral nurseries are very on-trend and form part of a wider shift in views around colour rules. With colour stereotypes becoming a thing of the past, the gender neutral aesthetic is present across both fashion and interiors. This collection of wallpaper has been selected with the idea of bringing playfulness to the nursery, whilst keeping it stylish and sophisticated, regardless of the gender of your child. Both Buddies and Intrepid are super stylish and fun designs that can be styled in a range of ways to suit your taste.

London City Living Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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Cute Pastel Raindrop Rainbow Repeat Pattern Wallpaper - £37.00 /m2

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Gender neutral nurseries don’t mean having to play it safe, there are lots of exciting colours that can be used in nurseries for little boys or girls. Both Dolly and London make the most of multi-colour to create impactful designs that effortlessly transform a nursery into a joyful haven. The fun colours used within the children’s murals allow you to keep it simple with the furniture and let your feature wall do the talking.

Black & White Speckle Spot Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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Pastel Confetti Party Sprinkles Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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Repeat patterned wallpapers are an ever popular choice for neutral nursery wallpaper. The repetition of design adds flow to the room, and offers an impactful feature wall. Both Confetti and Speckle make the most of the wall space, creating an element of fun detail on the wall that will capture your little one’s imagination. Although Speckle is a black and white nursery wallpaper, the playful design and artistic finish adds a charming feel and can be styled any way you like.

This selection of neutral nursery ideas focuses on tasteful design, fun illustration and stylish colour, which come together to add playfulness and a charming theme to your baby’s first room.