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55 Vintage Travel Posters in 1 Mural

Nothing says sophistication like and our latest vintage travel wallpaper design captures wanderlust in the bygone era like no other. As any seasoned traveller knows, every destination is unique; a fine blend of style and culture gives every town, city and country its own identity. By showcasing iconic landmarks, native fashion and cultural life, this patchwork of official tourism posters delivers a charming reminder of the eclectic wonders of the world's best places.

Bursting with colour and embodying the clean aesthetic associated with flat design these vintage travel ads were designed during the Mad Men era of advertising. Illustrated without the use of computers, these retro designs represent the true craftsmanship during the wonder years of marketing.

Ideal for the travel enthusiast with a penchant for vintage, this exclusive wall mural that will add a dash of elegance to any interior but works perfectly as a backdrop to an art deco environment. Its wide colour spectrum makes it a feature wall with a streak of flexibility.


Vintage Travel Poster Wallpaper Mural

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