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Introduce a Fresh Ocean Breeze to Your Home with Murals Wallpaper

Inspired by the deep blue ocean, beautiful imagery of the open sea has been captured and digitally optimized to create beautiful ocean murals. Forming abstract patterns through the movement of the ocean waves and the currents of the seas, these iconic designs bring the purity and freshness of Mother Nature’s creation, right into the comforts of your own home.


Baltic Photographic Ocean Wall Mural - £36.00 /m2

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The ocean covers more than 70 percent of the earth’s surface, yet about 95 percent of the deep blue sea remains unexplored, unseen by human eyes. The ocean depths  will forever be a mystery to human kind, however, this mystery is what has fed the curiosity and the imagination of what could be down there.

Many myths have been composed over the thousands of years that humans have walked the earth, forming bedtime stories to scare kids but also fairytales of wondrous creatures living in the deep unknown. These stories have encouraged the fascination of the sea and has inspired this beautifully abstract collection of wallpaper. When portrayed on the wall in their most metaphysical form, these photographic designs make mesmerising accent walls and introduce a fresh ocean breeze into your home.



Bering Photographic Ocean Wall Mural - £36.00 /m2

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The cool blue and turquoise hues, mixed with the white foam of the sea, compose the most unique patterns that are created completely by the force of nature. Showcasing breathtaking photography of the ocean surface, a serene and calming aura will float into and throughout your home, simply by acting as a feature in your interiors.


The wallpaper murals are so unrefined and raw in their natural form, yet elegantly beautiful and sophisticated, because of this. The uncertainty of the ocean and the abstractivity of the captured surfaces, create spaces with a real sense of interior flair, and the murals themselves make you stop to admire the complexity of the mysterious sea.



Caspian Photographic Ocean Wall Mural - £36.00 /m2

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The ocean hues of these photographic designs make this collection of wallpaper very versatile. The fresh ocean wallpaper murals work perfectly in creating a scandinavian inspired space. Styling them with light or white furnishings can also create a truly nautical theme.


We have styled the designs with a simplistic and neutral colour palette. By adding warmer wooden textures into the interior palette, you can create a space that feels more earthbound and cosy. Choosing pieces of furniture that are significant and classic works really well with these murals.


The designs themselves embed a bright boost of colour to a room. With a serene and calming effect from the abstract patterns, the design will be sure to introduce a fresh breath of ocean air into your home, giving you a transformed space that feels collected and whole.



Andaman Photographic Ocean Wall Mural - £36.00 /m2

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