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9 Nature Wallpapers for Lovers of the Outdoors

Whether you’re an extreme sports junkie, a beach bum or an avid countryside hiker, these nature wallpaper murals are perfect for any lover of the outdoors. From forests to mountains, this collection of nature wallpaper murals celebrates that special connection between you and your wonderful world.

1. Sea of trees

This dreamy forest wallpaper mural brings the elegant calm of the great outdoors right into your home environment. Incredibly relaxing, the tree wallpaper makes for a great bedroom feature.


Sea of Trees Forest Mural Wallpaper

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2. Cornish coast

The United Kingdom has some incredibly picturesque coastal spots and none more so than Cornwall. With the mossy green grass, coffee-coloured cliffs and punchy teal waters this vibrant sea wallpaper delivers the ultimate outdoors colour palette to suit an earthy home design. The dramatic views give a first person feel to the mural, as if you’re seconds away from diving straight into those crisp waters.


Cornish Coast Wall Mural

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3. Emerald woodland

With a vibrant emerald green, this tree wallpaper provides a punchy backdrop to any room in the house, but is perfect for a bedroom or hallway. The footpath running through the middle is the perfect reminder of getting back to nature on those weekend woodland hikes.


Emerald Woodland Wallpaper

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4. Conifer forest

This calming forest wallpaper mural cleverly blends hues of oranges and blues for a wonderfully frosty vibe. The light fog conjures up picture-perfect moments of crisp air filling your lungs on those morning winter walks.


Dreamy Conifer Forest Wall Mural

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5. Mexican mountains

Perfect for minimal interiors, this Mexican mountain wallpaper blends neutral tones with purples hues to bring a serene vibe into the home. The textured layers and craggy surfaces will not only have rock climbers drooling, but will add depth to your room.


Mexican Mountain Wallpaper Mural

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6. Summer camp lake

This gigantic mural somehow manages to be both dramatic and cool at the same time. With powerful panoramic views, capturing the lake, landscape and sky, this wide angle shot brings all the elements of the outdoors right into the home. The log cabins and stunning scenery are the perfect throwback to those summer camp days.


Finnish Lake Wall Mural

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7. English countryside

If you’re looking for a quintessentially English countryside wallpaper, then this Somerset landscape mural is just the thing. With rich green rolling hills and gleam of the summer sun, this postcard view makes for a perfect bedroom wall mural.


Somerset Countryside Wall Mural

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8. Misty forest

This rainforest wallpaper mural works well with a minimal interior style; the bold greens and misty greys offer the perfect backdrop for colour experimentation in a neutral setting. Matched with the right playlist and some scented candles, you’re one step away from an outdoor spa in the tropical rainforests of Thailand. Get lost in nature and find your zen.


Misty Rainforest Wallpaper Mural

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9. Mount Everest

If you’re going to treat your home with a mountain wallpaper mural, then surely it has to be master of them all? This Everest mural adds real grandeur to any interior and makes for the perfect feature wall for the home of outdoorsy types. If there’s one wonder to rule them all on this planet, then Everest is certainly a contender.



Mount Everest Wallpaper Mural

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