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4 tips for decorating with Japanese style wallpaper

Japanese styling is ever-present in the interiors world, and when it comes to achieving the current ‘Japandi’ trend, the key is ‘less is more’. Japandi refers to the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian styling, and the result is minimalist decor that’s clean and uncluttered. MuralsWallpaper’s new collection of Japanese style wallpaper combines beautiful cherry blossoms with minimal design to create elegant pieces that will set you on your way to achieving this modern, high-design style.

cherry blossom pattern wallpaper

Japanese Cherry Blossom Pattern Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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1. Furniture choices

When it comes to furniture, it’s important to choose a few functional pieces that compliment your theme without taking over the room. As the wallpaper already features beautiful details and texture, your furniture should be simple, keeping the design as the focal point. This can also be achieved by picking furniture that’s quite low to ground, again creating the illusion of an un-cluttered space.

Japanese cherry blossom wallpaper

Japanese Cherry Blossom Pattern Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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2. Colours

With tranquility being one of the key elements to Japanese styling, tones within your theme should be kept quite muted. In your furniture, try introducing soft blonde woods contrasted with darker lines, as seen in the wallpapers. This design has been created to replicate a folding screen, often used in Japanese homes to divide up living spaces. The pop of refreshing red tones with the cherry blossom offers that contrast, therefore the rest of the space can stick to theme of gentle colours.

Japanese cherry blossom pattern wallpaper

Japanese Cherry Blossom Pattern Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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3. Materials

Nature and natural materials are also integral to achieving this look. Cherry blossoms are important within Japanese culture as they symbolise the arrival of spring. Compliment the cherry blossom flowers in the wallpaper with natural materials in your furniture; rattan and cane offer a nod to the fusion of Japanese and Scandinavian decor style and look effortlessly stylish too.

Cherry Blossom Japanese Wallpaper Mural - £37.00 /m2

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4. Objects

Play around with introducing decorative objects to compliment your furniture, however be sure to do this with restraint. Place minimalist objects around the room, carefully balanced with plants. Why not introduce a few red flowers or reeds to compliment the mural, allowing colour to still be a part of your theme. To complete the look, pick one stand-out object such as a foot stool, planter or basket.

Achieving the Japandi trend in your home has never been so easy and with one of our elegant Japanese wallpapers as the focal point, all it takes is a few well picked out furniture items and objects placed in a clean and uncluttered way. Simply pay focus to beautiful natural materials and muted tones, and you can create a truly zen environment that evokes all the tranquil feelings that come with Japanese interiors.