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11 Forest Wallpapers That Will Breathe Life Into Your Home

We've pulled together a collection of wallpapers that keep your home in touch with nature. From crisp Scandinavian forests to exotic rainforest scenes, these prints will help bring Mother Nature's beauty right into your home.

1. Amidst the Mist

The punchy combination of blush pink and forest green help to carry this hallway space into dizzying heights of beauty. This forest wallpaper captures the sunset haze over the crisp treetops, giving a gentle pinkish hue to your interiors. Ideal for those after a minimal yet feminine feel.

Amidst the Mist Wall Mural

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2. Into the Woodlands

Rest easy amongst the treetops with this beautiful forest mural. Vibrant emerald tones contrast with the soft waves of fog in the distance. Great for creating depth in your home, and a foolproof way to make small rooms feel so much bigger.

Into The Woodlands Wallpaper Mural

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3. Breaking Sun

Never a dull moment with this energising forest wallpaper. Wake up to sunshine yellows every day with this forest wallpaper mural. Rays of sunlight stream through the fresh morning air leaving you with a glimpse into this heavenly forest scene.

Breaking Sun Forest Wallpaper Mural

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4. Smokey Treetops

Who knew sleeping in the woods could look so luxurious? Jewel-tones of the vibrant green work wonderfully with the metallic glints of gold. Transforming your bedroom into your own little treasure box.

Smokey Treetops Wallpaper Mural

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5. Grey Mist

Let this wallpaper lead you through a fairytale forest walkway. With subtle blue tones lingering amongst a soft palette of greys, this works wonderfully in living room spaces and helps you achieve a pared-down minimal feel.

Grey Mist Forest Mural Wallpaper

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6. Through the Clouds

Follow the candy floss-like clouds drifting over this vast forest landscape. The soft pastels help to create the ideal backdrop to modern living room spaces.

Through the Clouds Forest Mural

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7. Misty Rainforest

Grab yourself a dose of mindfulness with this invigorating rainforest mural. Green is known to help us to reconnect with nature, and what better place to seek calm than your own bedroom. Not only does this wallpaper look beautiful, it also helps to bring a sense of tranquility and positivity to your everyday life.

Misty Rainforest Wallpaper Mural

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8. Golden Forest Pathway

Imagine dining with this view every night. Glowing, honey tones draw you into this wondrous and almost hypnotic forest scene.

Golden Forest Pathway Mural Wallpaper

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9. Hinterland Haze

The bedroom is a place of calm and serenity, somewhere you can relax after a long day’s work. Bring the stillness and tranquility of this dreamlike forest scene into your home to help you unwind.

Hinterland Haze Forest Wall Mural

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10. Sea of Trees

Dream away with this enchanting forest scene. Mesmerising steely blue tones add an air of mystery to your interiors.

Sea of Trees Forest Mural Wallpaper

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11. Deep Trees

Moody, marvellous and mesmerising. This living room space is brought to life by a colossal view over an forest landscape. The soft blur gives this forest wallpaper an abstract feel, and could easily be mistaken as a giant watercolour painting.

Deep Trees Wallpaper Mural

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