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The Mural Blog: Wallpaper Trends & Decor Ideas

Ideas & Inspiration

Are You Faux Real? 26 Walls You Won’t Believe Are Wallpaper

Finding ways to save time and money is an essential skill for any decorator; that's why we produced or faux-effect wallpaper prints. Whether you're looking for an industrial concrete, sophisticated marble or even a Scandinavian wood, this collection of faux texture wallpapers will deliver maximum impact for minimal effort and have your guests marvelling at the optic trickery. They're efficient and effective.

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Ideas & Inspiration

6 Wallpapers that Banish Stress

Don’t we all want to be the kind of person who meditates? You know the type - that person who enjoys their home decor so much that it actually improves their daily mood and motivates them. But just how do they do it? Well, we're in the know - these stunning wallpaper designs have the power to make your home a stress-free zone and will make you immediately realise that you’re not treating your mind as well as you could be...

vintage travel poster wallpaper
News & Trends

55 Vintage Travel Posters in 1 Mural

Nothing says sophistication like and our latest vintage travel wallpaper design captures wanderlust in the bygone era like no other. As any seasoned traveller knows, every destination is unique; a fine blend of style and culture gives every town, city and country its own identity. By showcasing iconic landmarks, native fashion and cultural life, this patchwork of official tourism posters delivers a charming reminder of the eclectic wonders of the world's best places.

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mixed leaves tropical wallpaper
News & Trends

Introducing Our Tropical Collection

Diving straight into the 2016 interiors trend, we've launched our Tropical Wallpaper Collection. Designed in-house by our team of expert designers, these original prints capture all the essence of the summer vibes with a twist of South American flair. Playful, textured and bursting with character, these wallpaper designs will bring your rooms to life and keep you in vogue for the rest of the year.

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hinterland forest wallpaper
Ideas & Inspiration

Achieve Scandi with these Dreamy Forest Wallpaper Murals

Scandi is a style that's stood the test of time. Much more than a fad, it's transcended design and for many it's become a way of life. Simplicity and a connectivity to nature is at the heart of the Scandi movement; there aren't many more iconic natural elements that scream Scandi than forests. These tree wallpaper murals show the power of bringing those natural elements in doors when shooting for the Scandi vibe in your home.

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Ideas & Inspiration

8 Unexpected Ways To Use Removable Wallpaper

Self-adhesive, removable wallpaper is an ideal choice for those in rental properties wanting to put their personal touch on their homes, or those who just don't want to commit to a particular feature or style. Despite its obvious use, removable (and re-adjustable) wallpaper can be used to upgrade and spruce up things you already have in your home. Here are 8 places you never thought you'd be wallpapering!

driftwood texture wallpaper
News & Trends

Achieve Hygge With These Cosy Wallpaper Murals

If you're not Danish, you're probably trying to figure out in your head how this word could possibly be pronounced (don't worry - you're not alone in that). Spoken 'heurgha' (or more simply, 'hoo-ga') Hygge means "to comfort or give joy" and is the name of an ancient Scandinavian lifestyle and home interiors practice that has recently become one of the interior design world's biggest obsessions & trends.