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Flower Wallpaper Murals

Bring the invigorating freshness of spring and the warmth of summer into your home with our incredible collection of flower wall murals. If you love splashes of vibrant colours then there's plenty to suit your tastes, from the classic look of daisies against the backdrop of a bright blue sky to red and yellow tulips swaying in the breeze. Or perhaps your style is more understated, in which case you might opt for one of our vintage-filtered images of a single pink rose, wild lavender or a bunch of hazy white flowers.

The images used in our wall murals are of such breahtakingly high quality that you'll find it difficult to believe that you're not sitting in a field of gigantic flowers. You'll be able to see every little detail in the petals of the hibiscus flower as the sun shines through, or the dewy water droplets resting delicately on the intricate swirls of a rose. Bringing the outside into your home with a new mural will give your walls a new lease of life.

All of our wallpaper murals are easy to hang. For full instructions you can check out our installation guide hereIf the floral designs below don't appeal to your nature-loving side, then feel free to browse through our gallery which contains thousands of high-quality images. Or, if you've taken a particular photo yourself or found another that you love, you can upload your own and go home with a wall mural you truly love.